Balloon Bouquets – Perfect for adding atmosphere to any event

Balloon bouquets are a mixture of coloured balloons, displayed at staggering heights and weighted with a decorative foil weight.

They also work well in combination with our other balloon styling products to create the type of impression that our customers are in search for.

Bouquet’s of 3’s @ 7.50 ea
Bouquet’s of 4’s @ 8.50 ea
Bouquet’s of 5’s @ 9.50 ea
Bouquet’s of 6’s @ 10.95ea
Bouquet’s of 7’s @ 11.95ea
Bouquet’s of 8’s @ 12.95 ea
Bouquet’s of 9’s @ 13.95 ea
Bouquet’s of 10’s @14.95 ea

Ideal For

Corporate Events

Trade Shows

Promotional Events

Private Parties