Add that bit of colour and impact to grab people’s attention

Typical uses of balloon columns may include a decorative entrance or exit, or they can also be used in conjunction with balloon arches to make impressive walkways or even used as displays on stage.

No matter how big or small the engagement, balloon columns may be the perfect way to express that festive fun atmosphere that will have people remembering your event or promotion.

Classic Columns

A column of balloons (all the same size) stacked either in a spiral, blocked or solid colour design – generally 6 to 8ft tall using a maximum of 4 balloon colours.

The column (also known as a balloon tower or pillar) is an absolutely iconic party decoration. Of all balloon decorations, balloon columns are the most versatile for any event. The balloon columns add beautiful colours to a party, corporate meeting, grand opening as well as a wedding.  They are awesome anchors for doorways, stages, dancefloors and head tables.

Organic Columns

Looking for a statement piece that really pops? Our Organic Balloon Columns have a mixture of 5’’ to 11’’ air-filled balloons with either a large 3’ balloon on top or a large foil of your choice for a total height of between 7 and 8 feet. This balloon column is not your typical long, skinny balloon column. The Tapered Column has no specific pattern and can be created with as many colours as desired.