Balloon races are a fun and festive service we offer at the Balloon Man that can be used at corporate events, festivals or sporting events. At the Balloon Man we will work with you to make your balloon race memorable, fun and successful.

In order for this to happen we recommend you read our six-step guide to achieving a brilliant balloon race:

Firstly, decide on the date to hold the balloon race. We suggest this should be at least 10 weeks in advance to allow time to sell tickets. If you intend to release more than 5000 balloons, we will need to get DAA approval. A balloon release is an event people will want to watch. However, it could also be part of a bigger event such as a company BBQ or a local summer fete where there will be more opportunities to sell race tickets on the day as you will have a captive audience. It is also a good idea to contact your local newspaper to raise awareness of your cause. They may even want to run 2 articles, one before the event and one after.

Think about the type of prize you wish to offer the person whose balloon travels furthest. Bear in mind that if you are selling race tickets across the whole country, your prize may need to be posted. Cash or vouchers make ideal prizes. However, if you are selling quite locally, any prize would be suitable. You could contact local businesses and ask them to donate a prize such as a meal for two, a DVD player or a food hamper. The better the prize, the more race tickets you will sell.

As soon as you have received your blank labels you need to sell them on. Selling the opportunity of winning a prize makes it easier to get people to part with their money than just asking for sponsorship.

Race tickets are then completed with the purchaser’s contact details and kept by you to be attached to the balloons on the day of the release. When the race ticket is found, the finder will complete their details and return the race ticket to you. The finders of the balloons should be offered a small prize as an incentive for them to return the race ticket. A good way to sell race tickets is to ask everyone you know to sell 10, 20 or even 30 race tickets on your behalf and then return them to you. Most will sell them, and those that don’t, often buy them all for themselves! Have an idea of how many race tickets you wish to sell and aim to exceed this by at least 10% – this will give you the best chance of reaching your target. If you find you are selling many more than expected, please plan your balloon and helium needs accordingly.

Release day! This is an exciting day and people will start to gather quite early on to see the net filling up and of course, they will want to be there for the moment the balloons are released. This is a great opportunity to sell more race tickets! Remember to bring your camera and let the local press know.

After the release and when the closing date has passed, establish which balloon travelled the furthest and award your prize(s).