For Latex balloons, we can get them printed and dispatched within 5 working days. If you need them quicker, give us a ring and we’ll see what we can do. No extra charge! We can do the same for Foil balloon orders of up to 500 balloons.

We can print your design in a whole rainbow of up to eight colours! You choose the colours and subject to artwork approval we’ll print them on balloons! Balloon printing is not like printing on paper, we must have separations between inks.

Have a look in our products section for or range of balloon colours. If you can’t find the colour you want, ask us and we should be able to help!

We can print on either foil or latex balloons! Latex balloons are suitable for air or helium fill and can be used with cups & sticks as well. They only float for about a day with a helium fill though so if you want your balloons to look extra shiny or to last for at least a week you might want to use the bigger foil balloons!

You can have any colour of ink! We can mix anything, including Pantone reference colours.

We can print as many as you want! The more you get, the cheaper each balloon is! We do have a minimum run of 20 for foil balloons and 100 for Latex balloons.

For the brightest colours, incredible accuracy and presentation, our printed balloons are printed on laser guided, silk screen printing machines.


You balloons and accessories will be delivered boxed on the day of your choice. There is a small delivery charge, that will be included in your quote.

Generally balloons are printed with the logo, when the balloons neck is facing downwards. This is suitable for helium filled balloons or air-filled balloons being mounted on a ‘cup & stick’. Occasionally you may want your printed balloons hanging downwards in decorations. In this case we will print ‘neck up’!


We can print on huge three foot latex balloons or giant 36 inch foil balloons! Contact us for prices!

Yes, if you want your printed balloons to float you will need to fill them with helium. We can deliver on the day of your choice and collect the helium canisters when you have finished with them too!

It depends what you want your balloons for! If you are filling your balloons with helium, you will need ribbon and weights. For Latex Air-filled balloons, you might want some cups & sticks and an air-pump! See our products section for more details or ask us!

Yes you can! We can print black and white photos, if you have a colour photo it may still be suitable once it is converted to black and white (something we can also do!)

We have Latex balloons in standard balloon shape and heart shape. Standard sizes include 10 inch, 11 inch, 12 inch and 16 inch. Our foil balloons come in round, heart and star shape. These range between 18 inches and 36 inches. If you can’t find what you want. Please ask.

Ideally your artwork should be of a good resolution and have layers for the different colours. We can offer advice with this. Once the design is to your satisfaction, you can email it to us. We will always send the final design back to you for approval before printing commences.