Balloons Releases: Why We Say ‘No’

Balloon Delivery Across The Nation

Everybody has probably been a part of a balloon release at some point or another. To mark an occasion, it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of colourful balloons released into the atmosphere; children and adults alike marvelling as the balloons float up to the sky. While balloon releases are visually very pleasing, they have a significant, negative impact on the environment. At The Balloon Man, we’re always asked about assisting with big balloon releases – but here’s why we have to say ‘no.’

Balloons Can Get Caught Up in Shrubbery

It’s extremely common for balloons to end up tangled in trees and shrubbery, especially those with ribbons. Birds and mammals that live in trees and shrubbery, or rely on them for shelter and food, can become tangled in the balloons and ribbons, leaving them stuck and vulnerable unless they (hopefully) find a way out.

Balloons Can Be Mistaken as Food

They might look colourful and beautiful to us, but when balloons reach solid ground again or land in the sea, wildlife can mistake balloons for food. This can leave animals in pain and disrepair, eventually and almost always resulting in death. The balloons can block-up an animal’s digestive tract, starving them, or cause suffocation to the animal as it tries to swallow the balloon.

Balloons Can Cause Power Outages

How can a bunch of flimsy balloons call power outages? You might be thinking. Well, when you release balloons up into the air, they eventually float back down to Earth. Besides littering the ground with pollution and bits of plastic, it’s not uncommon for balloons to get stuck in power lines. When in contact with a power line, the balloon can disturb the circuits, causing outages of power and even fires that can result in personal injury and damage to local wildlife.

Enjoy Balloons The Eco-Conscious Way

The Balloon Man is a proud member of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance, and can advise you on environmentally friendly (but just as fun!) alternatives to balloon releases. We have a range of biodegradable balloons that decompose in the ground, and plenty of aesthetically pleasing options that don’t rely on potentially dangerous strings, ribbons and plastic pieces to get that wow factor.

Get in touch with the friendly team at The Balloon Man to find out about our eco-friendly balloon solutions, including our eco balloon sticks and range of biodegradable but beautiful balloons.