Latex balloons are not plastic but comprised of natural rubber sap, which is biodegradable! Natural Latex comes from Rubber Tree Plantations which are a renewable resource.

Biodegradable: Latex balloons will biodegrade over a period of approximately 1 year.

  • Latex is composed of 60% rubber and 40% water.
  • Many tree species can produce latex but most of the latex for industrial use comes from the Heveas Brasiliensis, commonly known as the “crying tree”.
  • Latex is extracted without harming the rubber tree.

We are proud and active members of the Pro Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA). As members we are committed to the responsible use and disposal of balloons. Balloon Man are industry professionals who do NOT support, condone or facilitate the organised release of balloons.

We work to educate our clients, venue managers and the public, by all possible means in the correct disposal of balloons and we support PEBA in their “Don’t Let it Go, Pin it & Bin it!” campaigns.

Responsible use and correct disposal of balloons.

We have a strict policy to not provide balloons for any events that intend to release them into the environment. Balloons are never supplied to clients on strings. Although latex is biodegradable, we’re very aware of the impact that balloons can have if they are released into the environment and ingested by our wildlife.

We recycle all our plastics and we also endeavour to re-use, repurpose and recycle as many of our products as possible.

Helping you to be environmentally responsible with balloons at your event

Balloon Man can remove your installation, pop each balloon, and dispose of the small pile of rubbish appropriately. If you remove the installation our team will leave you a calling card reminding you to dispose of the balloons safely and never let them fly free into the environment.

Use limited or no foil balloons in your installations as foil is not biodegradeable. Avoid having helium balloons in the open as you run the risk of them getting loose and escaping.

Get in touch with the friendly team at Balloon Man to find out about our eco-friendly balloon solutions, including our eco balloon sticks and range of biodegradable but beautiful balloons.