Be A Ballooning VIP with The Balloon Man

You don’t have to be Kate Moss to get star-studded treatment! If you’ve got an exciting event coming up, you can get the full VIP treatment with The Balloon Man. It isn’t just parties we cater for — we’re also on-hand to cover red carpet events!

Why not add some glam to your next Christmas party, or make the wow factor for your upcoming charity event? Pulling off a red carpet events doesn’t have to be difficult; The Balloon Man stocks everything you need to bring the red carpet wherever you are.

Where do you even get one of those big, red carpets? You might be thinking. There’s no need to frantically call around your local carpet supplies, as The Balloon Man stock a variety of carpet runners to lay down for your special guests. Contrary to popular belief, the ‘red carpet’ doesn’t even have to be red! Be a bit alternative and opt for our black, purple, white or pink instead — that’ll really get the crowd talking!

What about crowd control?! A red carpet is obviously a very exciting ordeal, and if you’re boasting a big list of VIPs to attend, you need something to cordon off the carpet from the streets. The Balloon Man offer pillars and roping hire to give the full red carpet experience, meaning adorning fans and the press can stay safely behind the rope as your guests stroll down the carpet.

We’ll need to have a ribbon to cut, right? You’ve probably seen it on the TV or in the papers, but usually, a ceremonial ribbon is cut with some comically big scissors to mark the start or opening of something! The Balloon Man have a range of differently coloured ceremonial ribbons available, and you needn’t worry about the scissors, either. For your red carpet, you want to be able to cut through the ribbon with ease, so we can also quote you to hire a pair of ceremonial scissors — perfect for store openings, exhibitions or sporting events.

Of course, we wouldn’t be ‘The Balloon Man’ if we didn’t provide top-notch balloons for your red carpet event! A red carpet celebration calls for something extra special, so why not purchase one of our giant balloons to really catch people’s eye? If you fancy treating your guests to something extra special, check out our party supplies; did someone say confetti cannon?!

At The Balloon Man, we’re dedicated to making your red carpet event perfect for you and your VIPs. To make something really special, contact our friendly team, who can offer you advise and quotes to make your dream event a reality.