Pop the Balloon
“Pop The Balloon” is a great way to add fun and excitement to your fundraising event. Whether it’s a ball, charity event or for a retirement fund “Pop the Balloon” will certainly raise money for the cause. Have prize tickets inserted into the inflated balloons and then sell the prize tickets at the event giving people the chance to win a prize and in turn raising money for the event.

At some point during the event the MC will ask everybody to burst their balloons to see who the winners of the prizes are. Also, balloons can be dropped from the ceiling of your function room, containing more prizes. “Pop The Balloon” is a great way to add interest, colour and fervor to your fundraising event and will surely some money for that important cause.

Guess How Many
Ideally approach a car rental company or car dealership and see if they would be interested in sponsoring the fundraising event by loaning you a car to fill with air filled balloons. Explain to the car dealership or rental company they can benefit from having branding on the car or even surrounding it. Then fill the car with the balloons and charge people to guess how many balloons are inside.

Balloon Races
Balloon races are a fun and festive service we offer at the Balloonman that can be used at corporate events, festivals or sporting events. At the balloon man we will work with you to make your balloon race memorable, fun and successful.

In order for this to happen we recommend you read our six-step guide to achieving a brilliant balloon race.