Get The ‘WOW’ Factor with Organic Balloon Walls

You might be wondering: what is an organic balloon wall? Although you probably haven’t heard of ‘organic balloon walls’ before, the chances are you’ve seen them pop up at your local store, bank or even office. Balloon walls, literally, refer to walls made of balloons – grand designs that can create a barrier effect. These balloon walls can be straight and solid, act as a fringe around a building or even be crafted into different shapes and sizes. So what are organic balloon walls? Organic balloon displays feature balloons of varying shapes and sizes, meaning no two balloons are the same! Rather than having a display

that’s incredibly uninformed and symmetrical, our team create multi-depth displays and balloon walls using the wide variety of balloons on offer at The Balloon Man.

Each organic balloon wall we create at The Balloon Man is completely unique. Naturally, we offer consultations that help us find the perfect colour scheme for you, but the finished product will be completely distinct to your event! Whether it’s a store opening or corporate event, our organic balloon walls give that wow factor– you’ll be bound to end up all over Instagram, as the photo opportunities with balloon walls are endless!

As each organic balloon wall is unique, it’s best to check out our gallery of organic balloon walls that’s just bursting with colour and inspiration for your next event. The beauty with balloon walls from The Balloon Man is that they can be created with your colour scheme and branding in mind, so the balloon wall will be completely distinctive to your business.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation service to create the perfect organic balloon wall for you. Just contact a member of our friendly team who will arrange!