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Be A Ballooning VIP with The Balloon Man

You don’t have to be Kate Moss to get star-studded treatment! If you’ve got an exciting event coming up, you can get the full VIP treatment with The Balloon Man. It isn’t just parties we cater for — we’re also on-hand to cover red carpet events! Why not add some glam to your next Christmas […]

Making A Splash With Giant Outdoor Advertising

The outside is absolutely littered with advertisements, from billboards to blimps, posters to extravagant window displays. So, in a world where everyone is so used to seeing salesy ads, how can you catch their eye? How does a 20 foot sky dancer sound?! At The Balloon Man, we’re big believers is doing things differently. That’s […]

Balloons Releases: Why We Say ‘No’

Balloon Delivery Across The Nation Everybody has probably been a part of a balloon release at some point or another. To mark an occasion, it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of colourful balloons released into the atmosphere; children and adults alike marvelling as the balloons float up to the sky. While balloon releases are visually […]

Balloon Delivery Across The Nation

Balloon Delivery Across The Nation We might be Ireland’s number one online balloon store – but did you know, we also offer nationwide delivery? The Balloon Man warehouse is fully stocked and ready to send out your special order, so whether you’re panicking about a last-minute party, worrying about a work event or even busy […]