Battery Powered Wireless Rechargeable Par Cans

Lights, Camera, Action!

Gone are the days of heavy and fragile globes in old fashioned par cans that run super hot and will cook anybody on stage. These LED par cans are lightweight, easy to transport, run cool and have no globes in them to replace.

The battery can last for about 3.5 hours when all LEDs on after full charge , and can last for more than 7-9 hours on auto running mode. Up to 12 Hours with one color on. Results will vary based on brightness of LEDs

It is suggested to charge the battery for at least 4 hours, which will extend the life span of the battery.


Battery Powered Wireless Rechargeable Par Cans
Decription Unit Price
24 Hour Rental 1  €25.00
Ideal For

Charity Events

Corporate Events




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