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  • Crimbo Hat

    This snowman hat is attached to a headband to make it easy and comfortable to wear and with attached bells you will be sure to jingle all the way Available in one size to fit most, this Crimbo Hat is a great accessory for Christmas parties, fancy dress parties and lots more!
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  • Elf Hat

    This fun and festive fancy dress accessory is perfect for Christmas. The hat is red, with a green base and pom pom.
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  • Deluxe Elf Hat

    This red and green Christmas Elf hat, with it skin coloured elf ears, is perfect for Christmas Day, Christmas parties or any fancy dress occasion. One size fits all.
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  • Mini Elf Hat

    This mini elf hat adds a cute touch to your Christmas outfit. This festive headpiece comes in a one size headband with a bell on the end, so you can jingle all the way!
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  • Plush Elf Hat

    This Plush Elf hat has light and dark green stripes, with a red base and bell on the top, perfect for completing your elf costume this year! 
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  • Reindeer Set

    This Reindeer Set is perfect for Christmas fancy dress. Included are horns, a flashing nose and bow tie. It's ideal for men.
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  • Angel Santa Hat

    This white santa hat will make a great addition to any costume this Christmas. Decorated with sequins and made from soft white fabric.
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  • Blue Sequin Santa Hat

    Stand out from the crowd this Christmas, with our blue sequin Santa Claus hat.
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  • Holly Berry Santa Hat

    This Santa Hat features a holly berry design in green with a leaf decoration at the top. Perfect for dressing up any outfit this Christmas!
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  • Star Headpiece

    Ideal for school nativity plays or for shining at any Christmas party, this gold star headpiece comes in one size. The headpiece has velcro up the back and has a hole in the front for the head.
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  • Elf Hat With Ears

    This red and green Christmas Elf hat, with it skin coloured elf ears, is perfect for Christmas Day, Or for any fancy dress party throughout the year.
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  • Giant Crazy Elf Hat

    This amazingly tall elf hat will definitely get you noticed. A stand out Christmas hat that will make the perfect accessory for Christmas day, Christmas parties or any fancy dress occasion.
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  • Reindeer Antlers

    These brown fur reindeer antlers make a great accessory for your Christmas dress up. A one size fits all headband.
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  • Reindeer Ear Muffs

    These Reindeer Ear Muffs make a fantastic Christmas accessory. The ear muffs look great, with a Santa belt design and antlers and will also keep you warm! 
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  • Roast Turkey Hat

    This is our adult cooked turkey Christmas or Thanksgiving hat. A padded plush hat complete with padded legs, wings and the turkey legs have the traditional decorated crowns. Fantastic for the Christmas office party.

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  • Deluxe Antlers

    Embrace the festive season with the Reindeer Antlers. This Christmas accessory features bells, holly and marabou. Who needs Rudolph when you have these? They're perfect for both men and women
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  • Deluxe Antlers & Bells

    These Deluxe Reindeer Antlers make a great Christmas accessory. They feature brown antlers with bells on and a red and green decoration. Who needs Rudolph when you have these? They’re perfect for both men and women
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  • Glitter Reindeer Antlers

    These glitter reindeer antlers make a perfect accessory for any Christmas party or fancy dress occasion. Available in one size, which fits almost all. The headband ensures a comfortable fit with a red and siver design.
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  • Deluxe Elf Hat Headband

    Our deluxe Elf's hat comes in red with sequin decorations. Wrapped around the hat there is a green sequin braid and around the base of the hat there is a running green sequin brim which has upturned triangular shapes. A fantastic novelty Christmas headband, it makes a great Christmas party item. 
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  • Christmas Tree Boppers

    This ladies headpiece feature green Christmas Tree on a headband. An ideal festive party piece.
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  • Christmas Tree Ear Muffs

    Liven up your Christmas outfit and keep warm with these Christmas Tree Ear Muffs. One size fits all.
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  • Christmas Tree Tinsel Hat

    This Adults Unisex Christmas Tinsel Tree Hat, is ideal for adding festive cheer to any Nativity Fancy Dress parties.
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  • Santa Hats with Bell (12’s)

    This Santa hat has a traditional look with a deluxe finish thanks to its plush material. A jingle bell finishes off this Christmas hat nicely. Supplied in packs of 12's.
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  • Festive Present Headband

    This festive headband is perfect for dressing up Christmas outfits. Available in one size, the headband features a wrapped present in green with a red bow and polka dots decoration.
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