17″ Reusable Vinyl Balloon Cluster Kit (€295 + Vat)


SumoBalloons Reusable Vinyl Balloon Cluster Kits by Balloon Man are just like a real cluster of balloons, only superior in every way, reusable, incredibly vibrant, always floating perfectly in the air, portable and sustainable.

These balloon clusters are in a 3-balloon oconfiguration. Place this balloon cluster on the ground wherever you would like all those potential customers to look. Easy to assemble and inflate, this kit comes with industry-leading components — see below.

3 Cluster SumoBalloon kit include 2 stackable bases.

Stands approximately 7’7″

Product features

(3) Reusable Outdoor Balloons (choose colours from image attached)
(1) cluster pole with snap-button locators and quick mounting brackets
(4) of the industry’s toughest 41″ coated fiberglass stems
(3) upper holding cups
(1) Base – weighted Base

  • *Balloon No. 1 Colour Option
    *Balloon No. 2 Colour Option
    *Balloon No. 3 Colour Option


Built to last

SumoBalloons are the world’s strongest balloon. No matter what the climate has to throw at it, the SumoBalloon will stay inflated.