Conwin Precision Plus Inflator


Never Pop a Foil Balloon Again!

The #1 choice for balloon professionals, the Precision Plus lets you inflate foil balloons automatically to the perfect pressure and size. Costly foil balloon breakage is eliminated and maximum flying time is assured. The foil inflating outlet points downward to allow for fast one-hand inflation of valved foil balloons.

The latex balloon filling outlet is available with a fast-flow push valve, a flex-tilt style outlet, a 60/40 Helium/Air outlet, or the new Quick-Change outlet. View the “Latex Outlet Option” bar below to learn more about each option.

The Precision Plus Inflator Includes:
– 1 Latex Outlet (Soft-Touch Push Valve, Flex-Tilt Valve, 60/40 Helium/Air Push Valve or Quick-Change Valve Option)
– 1 Auto Fill Foil Outlet
– 1 Pressure Gauge
– 1 Ribbon Cutter
– 1 Disc Tyer Post


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Manually Inflates Latex Balloons
Place the balloon over the latex outlet and press downward until balloon has reached desired size. Use Conwin’s Balloon Tying Discs to quickly and easily tie and attach ribbon.

Automatically Inflates Foil Balloons
The foil balloon inflating outlet points downward to allow for fast one-hand inflation. When the foil balloon has reached the proper size and pressure, the inflator will automatically shut-off the flow of helium. The Auto-Fill Foil Outlet will work on all shapes and sizes of foil balloons.