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Inflated Balloon Arch Kit – Mixed Metallics


Our inflated balloon arches are inflated with air, not helium. This means that they will last for up to 2 weeks, however, if they are placed in an area of high footfall or outside, then they will naturally begin to look weathered quicker. Over time latex balloons oxidise in the air, so will take on a matte appearance.

Our latex balloons are biodegradable at the same rate as an oak leaf. Once you’re finished with the arch, simply pop it and place it in the bin as they take care of themselves in the landfill.  For further information on our biodegradable Balloons, please see our biodegradable page here.

Use as a showstopping centrepiece or frame your door to create an exciting entrance!

Our gorgeous luxe balloon garlands are the best way to impress your guests!  Each kit contains 200 balloons of various sizes in pink, pale pink, rose gold and light pink and are inflated and assembled


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> Bring the wow factor to your venue with this fabulous balloon arch kit

Manufactured By: Ginger Ray