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Inflated Balloon Arch Kit – Mixed Pastels


Bring a pastel pop of colour to your decorations with this mixed pastel balloon arch.

Our gorgeous balloon arches are the best way to take your party balloons to the next level! Use as a showstopping centrepiece or frame your door to create an exciting entrance!

Each pack contains 75 balloons inflated and assembled:
(5) 5 inch, (14) 12 inch, (2) 18 inch and (2) 24 inch Pink Balloons
(5) 5 inch and (12) 12 inch Mint Balloons
(5) 5 inch and (12) 12 inch Yellow Balloons
(5) 5 inch, (12) 12 inch and (1) 18 inch Blue Balloons


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> Impress your guests by decorating your venue using this mixed pastels balloon arch kit

Manufactured By: Ginger Ray