Pastel Colours LED Light Up Balloons (5pk)


•5 Pastel LED Light Up Balloons
• Balloons measure 10″ when fully inflated (ship flat)
• Features assorted pastel colors
• Look best in the dark or at night events
• Ideal for a glow birthday party or glow-in-the-dark party
• Fill with helium or air pump (do not blow up by mouth)
• Packaged balloons may vary in color or shade from inflated balloons
• Combine with more glow party supplies

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Outfit your party in radiant color with our Pastel LED Light Up Balloons. Featuring an assortment of pretty pastel colors, these 10-inch latex balloons make it easy to decorate your special event. To start, turn on the LED light by pulling out the plastic tab. Next, inflate the balloon with helium or air to no more than 10 inches. Blowing up balloons by mouth is not recommended as the LED light can pose a choking hazard. Do not overinflate balloons. Then place the included clear safety stickers on the outside of the inflated balloon where the light is attached. You can combine all five into a big balloon bouquet. Arrange the balloons individually around the party. After your bash is over, do not pop balloons. Instead, cut a small hole near the knot in each balloon and slowly let the air out. Throw the ultimate celebration with more pastel party supplies.