Sustainable Ball Arch with Billboards – 2.5m (€1,455 + Vat)


Instead of getting latex balloon columns which have to be disposed of, these sustainable hard plastic ball columns can be re-used and stored on your premises to bring out for an upcoming promotional activity without using any third parties.

The plastic is produced from sustainable and recycled material. In addition, the balls are provided with a special UV coating and can be recycled again after their lifespan.

Purchase in your corporate colours or whatever colour arrangement suits you best.

Product Information – Arch with Billboards 

  • (3)2m High Pillar, 50cm wide
  • (2) 46cm Diameter Billboard for Signage
  • Total Height:  255cm
  • Total Width:  202cm
  • Footprint:  50.30 x 50.30cm



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