Balloon Buddy Inflator – Air Machine


The Balloon Buddy is designed for speed and duration and can inflate latex balloons in seconds. While it’s great for things like party preparation, business events, and balloon decoration projects, it’s the perfect inflator for those special occasions.


The Balloon Buddy is designed to make life easier on your lungs. It’s built for speed and duration, and can inflate latex balloons in seconds, making it the perfect companion for party preparation, events, grand openings, and other balloon decoration.

• Small, compact body for super portability
• Super-suction feet ensure stability on flat surfaces
• Powerful electric motor requires no batteries or maintenance
• Push down valve inflates latex balloons in seconds
• Tip extension included for small latex balloons

The Balloon Buddy inflates with air. Air-filled balloons do not float. Never look into or point The Balloon Buddy at the eyes or face of yourself or another person. Never obstruct the inflation port or overheating or damage may occur. Do not use The Balloon Buddy continuously for more than two hours at a time. Do not attempt to use The Balloon Buddy to fill foil balloons. The Balloon Buddy is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not store or use The Balloon Buddy in wet conditions. No batteries required!