Sustainable Ball Column with Billboard – Pride

Elevate any Pride entrance with our captivating balloon pillar/stand/column.

The ultimate attention-grabber. Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing deflated balloons time and again. Are you seeking an environmentally conscious alternative? Look no further. Our Ball-Connect pillar/stands/column stands the test of time, offering lasting appeal without harming the environment. Why settle for balloons that last mere days when you can enjoy the enduring charm of our sustainable solution?

All components of the Ball-Connect pillar/stand/column are made from recycled plastic and are made of ABS and PP with a UV coating giving a high gloss finish. All parts are recyclable and have inter-changeable parts providing options, i.e. billboard sign on top of ball pillar. LED advertising boards provide extra illuminating attention powered by a power bank.

Height221 cm
Height without sign174 cm
Footprint50.3 x 50.3 cm
Decal diameter46.9 cm


  • Purchase Ball Column (as per above spec) @ €895 + Vat
  • Hire Standing Table (as per above spec) @ €250 + Vat per day and €95 + Vat per day for additional days