25″ Giant Ceremonial Scissors – Gold (€150 + Vat)


GIANT SCISSORS – These giant deluxe scissors will be a great prop at your next ribbon cutting ceremony, store grand opening or dedication ceremony.

These extra-large scissors are 25” long the gold handle will make the scissors POP for a memorable picture at your event.

Use the giant scissors over and over again, the blades are made of long-lasting metal alloy and the handles are hardy PVC. Keep these huge scissors around to use at all your special events and parties that might require this amazing prop.

BE ADVISED – The giant scissors contain sharp edges and sharp points. Use caution when handling and always keep the blades and points away from hands and body. Misuse could result in injury. The giant scissors are meant for adults 21 years or older for ceremonial or costume purposes; not meant for regular use as scissors.

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