15ft Santa Claus Sky Dancer


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Our 15ft Christmas Sky Dancer is a wacky waving inflatable dancing Santa Claus that will get your business noticed! This dancing Santa will promote your Christmas sale or holiday event like no other product/service can. If you are looking for that extra something special to decorate your home or business that no one else will have, this is it! It is the largest Santa Claus air dancer you will find!  Pair this with your other outdoor inflatables and lights.

Sky Dancer Instructions To Download

Out of stock


Santa Sky Dancer specifications: 

  • Santa Air Dancer is ready to go when blower option is selected.
  • Color: As pictured – Logo Color: As pictured
  • Material: High strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin.
  • Bottom is constructed with 600D Pvc/nylon
  • Material: Features and letters are embroidered (longest lasting best quality)
  • NOT intended for use in rain
  • Height: 15ft tall
  • Diameter: 18 inch
  • Designed for 18″ diameter blowers
  • Color is same as pictured