20ft Bride Sky Dancer (€295 + Vat)


The Bride Air Dancer® Inflatable Tube Man attachment has her first dance at 20ft in the air. This bridal-themed advertising product is part of our character series of inflatable tube men. Perfect for advertising your bridal store, dress shop, formal wear or wedding boutique. Our blushing Bride Air Dancers® is fully printed with the wedding gown, and flower and jewellery accessories along with a glowing smile. 

Don’t forget her Groom! Enjoy putting the waving, happy couple as a wedding or reception decoration that no guests will forget. All of our Air Dancers® Inflatable Characters use high-quality, durable materials and can be used indoors and outdoors.

A blower is required for use and each attachment is compatible with our 18” inch blowers.

Sky Dancer Instructions To Download


Snowman Sky Dancer specifications: 

  • Bride Air Dancer is ready to go when blower option is selected.
  • Color: As pictured
  • Material: High strength polyamide nylon silk w/ added tarpaulin.
  • Bottom is constructed with 600D Pvc/nylon
  • Material: Features and letters are embroidered (longest lasting best quality)
  • NOT intended for use in rain
  • Height: 20ft tall
  • Diameter: 18 inch
  • Designed for 18″ diameter blowers
  • Colour is same as pictured