Put your brand head and shoulders above the rest!

Advertising exhibition spheres are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Helium spheres can be made in a wide range of colours and can be branded all over, or have just a simple logo print. They are available in sizes from 1m to 8m diameter. A full spectrum of colours is available to suit your brand. The spheres we use at the Balloon Man are so successful that many of our clients come back over and over again for more.

Sphere Pricing

8ft White Sphere: from €1,250.00 +VAT
8ft Solid Colour Sphere: from €1,500.00 +VAT
10ft White Sphere: from €2,250.00 +VAT per day
10ft Solid Colour Sphere: from €2,500.00 +VAT per day

Ideal For

Product Launches

Trade Shows


Corporate Events