The Amazing Balloon Station

The Pop Up Balloon Station offers you the opportunity to sell balloons in your store or outlet. it has everything you need to start selling inflated helium filled balloons with a great selection of foil balloons including aged birthdays, genera birthdays, characters, numbers, anniversary, licenses, seasonal etc.

Create a destination look in your store or outlet with a professional balloon service model which facilitates the sale process by offering a clear proposition for your customers. The Balloon Retail Programme with the Balloon Station Company will take you to the next level on balloon retailing. Whether you’re new to balloons or expanding your store/services, we have a package to suit you.

Why Balloon Station Pop Ups Are Such A Good Option For New Retailers

Setting up a store is expensive, shop leases are expensive along with shopfitting and set up costs. Our Balloon Stations are a great alternative to get your new retail business set up and running quickly and cost-effectively.